Welcome to Aqaba

We are located in Jordan

The local time is (GMT +2)

Contact information

Contacts :
Raeid Tashtoush (Manager and driver)
Address :
Church of St Peter and St Paul
5 Khaleed Ben Al Waleed Street
PO Box 568
Aqaba 77110
Telephone :
+962 3 2018630
Mobile :
+962 7 9592 1902
Local website :
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Opening times :
Open from 0800 - 1230 Sunday-Thursday and at other times by arrangement. Raeid Tashtoush is the Manager and driver.

The Flying Angel Clubs
The Flying Angel Clubs welcomes all seafarers visiting the Red Sea port of Aqaba.

One club is in the container port (ACT), and has wifi, internet, mobile phones you can borrow with calling cards, a small shop, and non alcoholic drinks. You will need to be collected from your ship and to wear safety equipment in the port.

Please phone:  +962 7 9592 1902

The other club is in Aqaba town 20km from the new main port area. Internet, Wi Fi, telephone, chapel, games room, library, satellite TV. 

Please phone: +962 7 9592 1902 to arrrange for us to collect you (except Friday)

There is a Church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul which is open for private prayer during the week. 

The staff working at the club are

  • Raeid Tashtosh (Manager and Minibus Driver)
  • Adel Faeed Abeeljwad